About The Twin Sister Teddy Bear Dogs

Wookiee & Ewok

We are Twin Sister Teddy Bear Dogs and founders of Wookiee and Ewok's Stuff 4 Humans T Shirt Company. We are partners in life and partners in business, forever.

Thank you so much for visiting our t shirt store. Today, part of our profit goes to American organizations who help animals. As our business grows we will be donating even more of our profit to our less fortunate animals.

We are called Teddy Bear dogs because we are sooooooooooo darn cute. We are one half Shih Tzu and one half Bichon Frise. That's right, we are basically mutts, but ooooooh so cute mutts. We are also called Shichons, Zuchons and Tzu Frise. We love all humans and especially the kids. They understand us and want to play with us and we love them back.

Our humans brought us home when we were just four months old. We were scared and did not stray more that six inches from each other. We even slept curled up together for almost a week. We have always been close and are just as close today, rarely leaving each others side. Frankly, that isn't easy when Ewok is on one of her wild child streaks, but she has never been able to run away from me. I'm just as fast.

Our humans have Grandchildren. They all came over the first night at our new home to see how cute we were. One grandchild said "They look like Ewoks". Can we call this one Ewok? Of course the humans all agreed. Then the other grandchild said "If we call that one Ewok, we should call this one Wookiee." We liked the names because they are unique and we like being unique - ESPECIALLY Ewok. She is DEFINITELY one of a kind.

I, Wookiee, am very calm and respectful. Ewok gets into everything and is our emotional leader. When she shoots out the door like a jet to escape into the great unknown, I am right behind her. Being the sensible one, however, I let her lead us into the mysterious world with our human chasing after us. The ONLY way he catches up is when we stop and sniff around a mailbox in our path. Otherwise we would never get caught. We are a LOT faster than our humans.

We live with a couple of married humans in Germantown, Tennessee. Germantown is a suburb of Memphis, the home of Elvis, and the heart and Soul of Rock and Roll™. We LOVE the Memphis area. It is very pet friendly and a kind, friendly and loving place to live. Once again we are so fortunate.

We are aware of how fortunate we are. Ewok thought we should give back to the less fortunate animals and I heartily agreed. So we started our t shirt company and haven't looked back.

Thank you again for your visit. If you have a suggestion for us, please let us know. We are looking for ways to improve our company making it better and bigger so we can help even more animals. Use the "Suggestion" button at the bottom of the page. Thanks for your help. We appreciate your support and input.

Wookiee and Ewok - Twin Sister Dogs who founded a company.
We are not sure, but we think we are the only twin sister dogs who own a company in the entire world. We like being unique, just like you.

-------------------------- Our Story

We are twin sister Teddy Bear Dogs and founders of Stuff 4 Humans. I am Wookiee. I am the CEO and primary spokeswoman because I am calm, cool under pressure, confident and have excellent business sense. Ewok, my twin sister, well, she is a wild child running all over the place all the time, getting into everything tossing pillows EVERYWHERE. You know what I mean. But, she is SUPER creative and she is the reason we started our t shirt company.

We live a very pampered life. The best dog food on the planet. The very best dog chews. Several nap pillows to lie on. Amazing veterinarian care and even two humans to sleep with us at night to keep us warm. We call it a two human night. We are very fortunate indeed.

One day, while tossing one of her her nap pillow across the room, Ewok says, let's do something to help our less fortunate furry friends, and came up with the idea of really unique t shirts. REALLY?, I said. Who is going to run the company and who is going to make the t shirts? She immediately replied, you run the company and I'll get our humans who sleep with us to make the t shirts. They both love all the animals and give heartily to several organizations who help our less fortunate furry friends. They will be glad to help us. Besides, they need to do more than just sit around all day with us on their laps.

Thus, our t shirt company was born, inspired by Ewok's generosity and caring.

Right away Ewok started having delusions of grandeur. She wanted to help not only all the animals in America, but all the animals in the world. We'll be the Amazon of the t shirt industry she said, giving millions to rescue and shelter groups. We don't need to keep any of the profit. What do we need money for? We can give it all away. Yep, that's Ewok. Unfortunately, I had to bring her back to earth. Ewok, I said, we have to start simple. We do not have a lot of money so let's start with helping American rescue groups and animal shelters. We can start by donating a smaller share of our profit to those organizations. We have to keep some of the profit so we can grow. That is the way business works Ewok, I said. Then, as we grow, we can grow our donations. We have to keep some money so we can continue to grow and expand and donate even more. BUT FIRST, we have to get our company going and that takes money. Someday, we may be donating millions, I said, but not quite yet. With droopy ears but a huge smile on her face, she agreed. We were on our way. The world's first dog owned t shirt Company was born.

Next she came up with our logo. I hope you like it. I do. It shows the world we are equal partners and sooooooooooooo darn cute. Don't you think so?

As our story continues, we will update our story page and our blog. Oh Yeah. Don't forget to read our blog. So check back from time to time.

Thank you for visiting Wookiee and Ewok's Stuff 4 Humans. Our less fortunate furry friends thank you too.

Wookiee and Ewok Metz
Founders and Twin Sister Teddy Bear Dogs
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